Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Mind as No-thing

This morning in the middle of meditation, I found myself immersed in the 'monkey mind' chatter that it is so famous for. There was a feeling that I was in the thought stream for a very long time and in fact gotten immersed in it so much so that it must have been quite a while before the question......what am I thinking about?.

Then it was the subtle request to myself, "If you can be immersed in deep thought for so long, can you also immerse yourself in the here and now.........for so long"?

Suddenly there was nothing rather no-thing to think about and this created a unique situation of uneasiness for a short period of time before the chatter began again! At the same time there was this flooding of emptiness that was so quiet and comforting.

That was the time that it dawned that the mind is totally unemployed when in the 'NOW', I had read about this and at times have felt it' though fleetingly, this time it was in full knowing of the no-thingness that felt overwhelming and then the scare, by which time I was again back to the stream of thoughts.

Ever wondered how scared our 'monkey mind' is when it has no-thing to do? this is because when its very survival is threatened, it tries all that it can to get back into the thinking mode as fast as possible to give itself the comforting factor that it is back in control!
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