Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Enquiry versus Inquiry

Very many a time we are at the crossroads of reflection and decisions. We usually end up there and ask the question "Why this and why now". Immediately, we are guided in our misguided wisdom of the 'monkey mind' to look at the external to place the blame. The mind reaches out to find all the reasons and the excuses from its immediate environment and at the same time looks to search for similarities in the past.

We then justify the situation that we are currently in to everything that we possibly can think of and obtain solace as we think that the fault is somewhere 'out there'. We then turn to our religious systems that promise cures by the way of rituals.

This is the mode of 'enquiry' that we are all conditioned to believe, driven by the system that we are a part of.

At times like these the only solace that we need to adapt to finding the 'cause' is to turn within, to look at what part of our being is pushing itself to be expressed, what part of us has been denied the right to express by the 'monkey mind'. When we divert our attention to the inner-self that is a store house of information to handle these situations, the ignored part of our being is given a chance to express itself and begins the process of healing that it has been looking for.

The self is equipped enough to find the options to come out of the situation and express itself in all the glory that it so is. The matrix of creation comes willingly forward to guide and help with no pre-conditions, judgment of either the self or the situation. Creation is so magnanimous that it does not question anything as doing so means questioning itself!

This starts the journey of healing in this plane 'the plane of demonstration' that we have come to call our 'home'.This is the process of 'inquiry' that leads us to dismantle our conditioned and perceptive belief system as it no longer helps the new awareness that we have developed and the new journey that we have chosen to undertake!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

From Ignorance to Light!

The festival of lights is here and the time for celebration surely follows. Can we make a pact with ourselves that we will continue the celebration long after the festival is over? this is the question that we need to answer.

Any occasion has with it a shelf-life that does not sustaining. As soon as the occasion passes the residue be it of celebration or otherwise lasts for a few days, maybe even a few hours before it regresses into the background of our minds. The 'monkey mind' does not stay with the occasion long enough because of its inherent trait of 'jumping' from occasion to occasion or situation to situation wanting more of the same or falling further into the depths of ignorance.

Ignorance here is the belief of perceived reality based on external stimuli mainly driven by the senses. We are ignorant that this perception is temporary and keeps changing. We refuse to accept this fact and go looking for more from the physical environment that we are all a part of.

Moving from this ignorance or darkness to consciousness and light is the journey to continued celebration.This frees us from the perception of physical reality and establishes a connectedness with the source and keeps us grounded in the face of changing situations.

Connectedness helps us to realize the impermanence of that situation thereby freeing us from the roller-coaster emotions that we experience in this plane of demonstration.

Have a great festival and keep the celebration of connectedness flowing!!!! See you all after Diwali folks

Thursday, October 15, 2009

False Self and the Self

The distinction between oneness and separation is created by the false mind or the EGO. Ego feeds the thinking that we are separate giving us a false sense of identity, it also feeds the mind on the past and projects itself into the future. This ensures its survival.

Oneness on the other hand is in the here and now and in unity, looking at all and everything as one, from the source.Oneness dwells in the consciousness of the self, it seeks the wholeness of creation.

The believe in oneness is to seek the self and to feed the false self is to deny the presence of the self thereby denying creation.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Theatre of the Mind

In the theater of the mind are the trailers of life, each jostling for space to show itself. They keep popping up ever so frequently and seek attention. Becoming aware of these trailers and whether they originate from the dead past or the still to happen future prevents us from guilt as well as anxiety. The mind without the past and the future is non-existent.

Realize that this is the trick played by the 'monkey mind' for its own survival! Becoming aware of these trailers and what they portray, defines our response and molding in life situations. Accepting them and inquiring into them helps us gather new path-ways to healing. Resisting and discarding them gives them strength holding us in repetitive behaviour...........

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Silence and the breath!!

Breath is silence, Breath is prana or life. Therefore life is silence.Every sound is born out of silence dies back into silence and in its life span is surrounded by silence.From silence arises everything.

To focus on life focus on silence therefore focus on the breath. Find the breathing patterns that affect the silence, affect life.

When the breath is irregular, uneasy, silence is absent. Then life is disturbed uneasy. Focus on the silence and dwell in the silence.