Saturday, January 9, 2010

Avatar- Revolution of Evolution

The intrigue that the reviews brought about the movie ‘avatar’ had me visit the theaters to witness this visual spectacle.

Once done with watching the movie, there was this strange feeling that this watch was ordained to discover the much deeper, subtle messages that influenced my thoughts and perception in comparing the 2 species, one on the forefront of technological evolution and the other at the head of spiritual evolution. One ruled by the head and the other ruled by the heart.

The nature of us the human beings in the movie indicates very clearly our evolution in the ladder of spiritual realm and it is that we are very ‘primitive’, compared to the Na’vi. The short sightedness with which we operate right now even on our own planet of destroying for personal and financial gain is a stark reflection of our behaviour in a peaceful alien environment. Everywhere around us today is the blatant display of this short sightedness. We have or are going to very shortly destroy our own Eco-system, that system which is host to our own survival all in the name of material development. There is no doubt in terms of the technological and the scientific advancement what we have achieved (seen even in the movie), though in the process of doing so we have left behind a huge void to fill within us.

All this is fact simply because we have lost bond with the surroundings and forgotten the basic truth that this entire Eco- system is like a matrix, with each and every atom connected to one another. We have thrived on the proclamation of separation based on caste, creed, color, economic status and what not simply to rule the other and in the bargain; it is the planet that is bearing the brunt of our myopic view. This greed to thrust illusionary power on the other has led to frenzied exploitation, be it of resources, people, governments, plant and animal life, basically anything and everything that we can think off.

To top this, we now move to destroy other worlds once we are done with planet Earth and follow the repetitive behaviour that has in the first place threatened our own existence. This is mocking to say the least.

Switching to the Na’vi, here is a species that recognize the matrix of creation. The deep understanding of the web of connectedness to everything around them, so much so that killing for a reason is also felt as something that is inappropriate given the place of that being in the web. There is a sense of community living where every individual understands and supports the well being of the other, at times of crisis the collective power of the entire species is brought together to heal or even higher to revive. The profound acceptance that the Na’vi has of their dependence to their Eco-system for their own survival is so very evident. The matrix across entire ‘Pandora’ is so strong that wild beast at times of crisis collectively group together to ward off threats posed to not only their survival, but also to the survival of creation in their setting.

The power of such an unfathomable connection can invigorate the collective will to face a much technologically superior race and greater still have the humbleness to forgive once it is all over. Wonder if the same can be said of us Human Beings.

The elements of the spiritual plane, of truth, compassion, connectedness, love and forgiveness is manifest for all to see.

Marvel at what can be achieved if the two, science and spirituality, head and heart unite.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Children as potential

The recent instances of 2 children committing suicide shockingly at the age of 11 and 13 reinforces the ever increasing pressures that children face today by a societal belief that studies and marks define success and the need for children to grow up through self-discovery no longer exists. This is a trend that is now increasing due to parental beliefs that are skewed.

This extreme behaviour is driven by parents who want to live their dreams through the eyes of their children, and somehow pressurize them into doing what might not be a natural for that child. Parents fail to realize the potential that these children have as in the above case of the 11 year old girl, who was appreciated for her dancing and forcibly stopped from pursuing the dancing lessons that she was taking and instead hassled her to study. The sheer disappointment of not being able to pursue a strength in her for reasons unknown to her led her to believe that she had reached a dead-end and the only way that she could get back at her parents was by killing herself unaware of the consequences of taking the extreme step.

Imagine, if the parents of a Rahul Dravid or a Sachin Tendulkar had forced them to become Doctors, we would have all lost two great cricketers and got two doctors whom we would have been scared to go to!

The key lies in recognizing the potential children have in themselves and nurturing the same. This does not mean that studies take a back seat; it just means giving the child its due recognition and allowing it to blossom in its strength rather than force it to adopt an extreme behaviour unaware of the hidden costs.

The choice is obvious, do we as parents want to live our lives through the eyes of our children and live with the guilt of the penalty? Or do we accept the strengths and the potential available with the child and allow it to blossom?