Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hey folks!

By the time you read this, Bangalore has recorded the coldest night in December in the past 124 years!

The committee on Global Warming and Climate Change just ended a couple of days back with all the usual bickering and the Mara Mari :-( at Bali.

Al Gore was one of the speakers at the convention and to be honest it brought a eerie resemblence to the movie " The Day After Tomorrow" where there is a similar meet happening in Delhi and its snowing at the same time!

Have we just looked up this morning!"What wonderful weather" we might say, look a little deeper and also ask yourself "Is this the same Bangalore I knew as a kid?" In my memory (serving me well till today) Bangalore has had the most beautiful weather in the month of December (sans the clouds and all), Sunny and chilly both at the same time!

Doesn't look or feel the same now. Unfortunately we are caught up in our own, no time to even stop for a moment and think " This is unusual".

I just thought that we really need to stop for a moment and think!

Today, we are "thinking on how to stop us from thinking" that is the hard truth that we face.

Folks this is the time to spread the word around that the planet that we live in is asking us to think on what we are doing with her and we simply refuse to dwell on it even for a moment!

If you feel like I do right now (not compulsory), take a moment to forward this to all Earthlings, so that we give a second chance (or is it toooooo late) to the one and only planet that we have.

Remember "She can live without us, but we can't" :-(

Like the weather :-(

In thought