Sunday, November 15, 2009

2012, My Place in the ascension

Recently there is a huge buzz with this now cliché word ‘2012’ and all that it supposedly brings with it, so much so that mainstream media and prominent organizations like NASA have stepped into either glorify or debunk all the theories that this timeline brings with it. Now, the release of the movie ‘2012’, that too on Friday the 13th of November, has added to the ‘panic’ and/or ‘expectation.

The initial feel for the movie is one of awe, simply because of the amazing special effects and the undying spirit of the human race to fight against odds in overcoming trying situations and the will to triumph. The 2 and a half hour roller coaster ride brings out the elements of Hollywood in true style, maybe more than that.

Staying with the 2012 phenomenon and dwelling into it a little deeper, what even the movie depicts is the great cleansing that Planet Earth our ‘Gaia’ is currently on. There is now irrefutable evidence of the localized weather changes and the tremendous displacements that it is causing all over the globe.

Planet Earth is on a re-birthing process and right now in the middle of the labor pains. The cleansing that is depicted in the movie is more on the fire and water elements of the physical world; fire burns the present and water cools and cleanses for a new beginning and that is what we are headed for in the times to come.

The pace at which this process is happening is also quickening and that can be observed in our daily lives all around us. In everything that we are setting out to do, there is a innate tension to get it done as of yesterday!

Let us be sure of one aspect, all of us are experiencing the shift, in some way or the other.

At this juncture it is very important to just take a step back and think to ourselves, which is and where is ‘my space’ in this ascension? Where do I fit into, in this higher shift in consciousness as a part of creation on planet Earth?

The answer; How we attune ourselves to the coming transformation defines how we experience the transition to the higher level of consciousness. Those who accept the transition and the ascension will find the prefect set of circumstances to do so, inner intelligence will guide them, while those of us in the denial mode, though deep down aware would find those set of circumstances that influence our thinking at that point in time. What we think is who we are in creating situations in sync with that thinking.

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