Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Mind and the Ego!

There was a request to post the Learnings from the book 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle in one of the forums that I am a member.

This is what I felt! Read on....

Dear Mayannk,


The Power of Now has the ingredients needed to experience the state of Being rather than the state of doing, which by the way is how we operate most of the time. This is because of the fear of the mind in this case the brain of its mortality and how it influnces the being or tries to overpower the being by not letting it operate in the 'NOW' which in any case is all that we have and it manipulates us into the past and the future thereby giving us a false sense of reality!

In trying to train the brain to remain in the present, we need to observe our thoughts and the constant flirtations that it has with the past and the present which feeds the ego. These thoughts can be based on the accomplishments (past) and/or projections (future). The 'Win' for the brain can be as trivial as 'having the last word' in even the most simple communication exchange between two individuals while 'losing' is perceived as its demise!

Thoughts of the past and the future also puts us into the understanding of time as something that adds pressure to the self rather than look at time as resource that can be had to accomplish what is at hand in the 'Now'. The crib/boasting about the past and the expectations for something to happen in the future is a way of the mind in not wanting to accept that which is and that is the 'Now'. When we are in the present the mind has no role to play thereby rendering it practically useless and this it will not let happen!

All this brings me to the learning that the mind and the ego are the same and understanding of either helps us 'the individual.'

This is the essence that the book placed in me.

In Being,