Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Legacy of APJ!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Reclaim your Sense of Self through Emotional Intelligence!

‘You are just like that, He is just like his father, and this is how this college is!’

Typical clichéd terms that we use in our everyday conversations, without realizing the need to make a validation for such statements! We unconsciously say things for which we have no evidential back up.

Why is this so? It is because we are all victims of the basic fabric of our social structure that today is influencing every aspect of our being.

We live in an era of information overload through the various mediums that we have, all at our fingertips. Be it the Television, print, the Internet or any other medium we are now hijacked by their power so much so that we no longer have our own identity. We have surrendered our ability to think and act. The influence of the various mediums is so powerful that we have become a ‘copy-cat’ civilization and it could not have been better for the czars of this creation. We need not second guess who they are.

We are told what to eat, drink, when we will fall sick, what medicine to take, how to dance, walk, talk; in fact every domain our life-styles is now invaded. We are even dictated as to when we should be sad, glad, mad et all. If this not hypnosis, what is?

We are so influenced by this that we slowly start talking, walking and so much so go all the way in conducting ourselves as per their influences. We become the unconscious ‘brand ambassadors’. We have no original identity. If you think I am wrong, look around you and pick at least one buying decision in your environment that has not been influenced by the all-powerful mediums!

Eldon Taylor says, ‘we are no longer our original selves, we are products of what is being foisted on us’, how true!

Emotional Intelligence has tools that can help you reclaim that original self, the competencies of Self-Regard, Self-Perception, Independence, Empathy, Optimism and Decision Making are among a few that can help us on this path.

They can empower you with the power of personal choice above any other choice. We are the only species on the planet with the choice of discrimination and sadly are the only species that does not use it. It is so because we are being led to choices being made by others!

We can gain all the knowledge that we can at the click of a button; we don’t have the wisdom of applying that knowledge. We are all literate but not educated.

STOP right now and reclaim that power of self-choice, tap into the wisdom of the self that is abundant and available before we are consumed by the powers that be.