Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dance of Emotions - Part -2: The Journey continues!

My fear says this post is long, don't read,
Love says, read, this post it can make you strong!
My EGO befriends Fear,
My becoming unconditional manifests Love.
Being vulnerable I seek,
Wanting answers shuts the door to me receiving.
When I am dependent, I am ruled by Fear.
When I am In-dependent, I am Love.
Surviving is Fear, Thriving is Love.
Preserving repetitive routines strengthens my fear,
Living in Randomness blossoms my Love.
When I procrastinate, I prolong the Fear,
When I decide, I decorate Love.
When I am ruled by people, I protect my Fear,
When I choose the freedom to live, I demonstrate my Love.
My EGO based expectations fuel my fears,
My willingness to accept ignites Love.
I call for crutches in Fear,
I learn to fly in Love.
My thought of separation is victory for Fear,
My feel for unity is celebration for Love.
My fear repels relationships,
My Love attracts the 'ONE'.
Being caged is by nature Fear,
Spreading my wings and willing to fly is by birth Love.
My Fear pushes me to rule,
My Love liberates to bond!
The moment I give excuses, I protect my Fears,
My willingness to experiment is a proclamation of my love.
My Fears block my old energy,
Love allows my divine energy to flow!
Fear highlights others deficiencies,
My Love supports everyone's strength.
When I withhold, I expand my Fear,
When I announce, I attract Love.
My Fears are minute compared to,
My Love, which is vast.
Fear follows the finite,
Love leads you to the infinite.
My Fears force my point of view,
My Love embraces other's view point.
Fear says, my will,
Love is free-will.
My fears define my 'rights' and 'wrongs'
My Love creates 'what works'
Fear magnifies melodrama,
Love crystallises the Story.
My fear is based on my knowledge,
My Love builds on wisdom!.
My EGO driven Fears are my liabilities,
My Love is an asset.
Fear withdraws,
Love deposits.
My Fears confirms to norm,
My Love makes me non-confirming to norm.
My Fears restrict my choices,
There is no choice but to Love.
My Fear chokes my Life,
My Love celebrates Living!

Dance of Emotions.....My continuing self Inquiry

Fear and Love the two operative emotions at play right now.
Fear based on the EGO, looking for mind attached answers,
wanting outcomes!
Love, asserting deeper vulnerability and becoming unconditional.
EGO based on expectations and Love based on acceptance!
EGO asserting to look with conditioned eyes, Love seeking to look through fresh eyes.
EGO looking to strengthen old patterns, Love opening new doors.
EGO looking to protect old habits, Love showing new normals.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Divine Grace.....My 5 days of Inquiry!

When you deep dive within and discover: Don't deny
When you are denied your need to discover: Don't Suppress
Denial and Suppression are giving-in,
Giving-in is Separation.
Separation has its roots entrenched in Fear
Fear from your 'self' and fear from the 'divine self'
Fear suffocates the true spirit,
Causes dis-ease in the mind,
That trickles down as disease of the body.
Call forth your true need with gay-abandon,
Attract the power of eternal union,
Let the Universe work for your co-creation.
You are far from competition to receive Love,
You are Love, Divine Love.
There are no names and no labels,
Only your freedom of choice to express