Friday, February 2, 2007

OASIS Changing the world

By Balakrishna Jayasimha
In his book “Conversations with God” for teens by Neale Donald Walsch, a question is asked, “How then can I change the World”?

In his book “Conversations with God” for teens by Neale Donald Walsch, a question is asked, “How then can I change the World”? The answer God gives is, so far all the best efforts of governments, social systems, and religions have not been able to change the most basic human behaviour, which is the reason why we still find human beings, squabbling, fighting, killing and not able to openly share and openly love. This is because all that humans do is try to change the conditions of life on the planet rather than the beliefs that have created those conditions.

Humans keep trying to change the conditions of poverty, hunger, misery, violence and war…they keep trying to make these conditions go away.

With all humanity’s supposed advancement and fancy technology, humans have not been able to eliminate these basic problems and they cannot because these conditions are reflections of beliefs that have not changed.

Our experiences, driven by our parents, teachers, and environment, might have educated us to behave in a particular way. For example: we might have been told as children by parents, teachers, friends that dogs bite or that dogs are dirty and over a period of time we believe it to be true. So when we in the present, see a dog, our belief drives a behaviour which is to either chase the dog away or get scared and run.

Unfortunately, the mind compares information it already has in store and if the response is in sync with the information in store the mind will accept it, if not it rejects. That's how beliefs become stronger and deep-rooted.

When you look at someone really old you will find that they find it very hard to change their beliefs.

However, human beings have the unparalleled capacity to choose an entirely new response simply by changing the belief that dogs are man’s best friend, thereby create a new thought, choose to offer a biscuit, driving a change in attitude and thereby adopt a brand new behaviour.

To change the conditions we need to believe first. Unfortunately we behave first, which determines our attitude which determines our thinking. We follow the reverse.

So just for today tap into your hidden potential of changing your belief system and tell yourself I'll be open to new thoughts, my attitude will not discount suggestions from others, defend my mistakes and I'll let the other person express his or her own opinions. You might discover a precious treasure hidden for long. An open mind also has a spiritual component to it. It involves looking for coincidences. No event in your life is coincidence but has a much deeper meaning to it.

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